Active Project List

Projects in Process – Payment Received
Last Update: 3/23

Customer NameProject DescriptionComplexityPhase
Steve Custom women’s bucket bag in Alligator print leather High ready to ship
Lorainne Custom Men’s Wallet in Black Rocado Shell Cordovan Leather Very High Build in process
Michelle D Custom Men’s ID wallet in Black Epi over Navy Blue Saffiano Calfskin High Build in process
Chris C Custom Wallet in Crocodile Print MediumAwaiting Build
BenjaminPocket Organizer in Navy Blue Epi over Navy Blue and Red Wine SaffianoHighAwaiting Build
TimBlack Alligator Print Bucket BagHighBuild in Process
Zach(1) Custom Pocket Organizer in Black over Red Epi Leather.
(2) Keychain in Electric Blue Epi over Burnt Orange Saffiano (3/4″ x 6″)
(3) Keychain in Black Epi over Red Epi (3/4″ x 6″)
HighAwaiting Build
HeatherCustom Woman’s wallet made from sentimental cowboy bootsVery HighPreliminary Design
TristanCustom Pocket Organizer in Black Epi Calfskin over Red Wine SaffianoHighShipped
Michelle Custom Lady’s Wallet (re-create her favorite wallet) Very High Shipped
VeroniqueToast POS HolsterMediumShipped
Kyle Alligator Minimalist Wallet MediumShipped
Rosemary CCustom ID Badge and Lanyard in Chestnut Sedgwick Bridle LeatherMediumShipped
DavidCustom Pocket Organizer in Black Epsom over Caramel Saffiano with changes to configuration for a very specific EDC of 1 ID, 3 CC’s and a pocket for a single bill High Shipped
SteveMen’s minimal wallet in genuine matte black alligator Medium Shipped
Tim DMultiple Style Wallet in Elec Blue Epi over Rouge Epi CalfskinHighShipped
MikeCustom ID Wallet with Snap Closure in Black Epsom over Red Wine Saffiano Calfskin LeatherVery HighShipped
RosemaryMinimalist Wallet in Navy Blue AlligatorMediumShipped
LisaLV Style Money Clip Wallet in Black Epi Calfskin over Black Saffiano Calfskin with Electric Blue AccentsHighShipped
DoseonCustom Pocket Organizer Wallet in Navy Blue Museum Calfskin and Apricot Saffiano Calfskin w/Red Vachetta AccentHighShipped

Projects in Discussion – Payment not Received

Customer NameProject DescriptionComplexityPhase
EdgarCustom ID WalletVery HighPlanning
TrentKeychain Lanyard with coordinatesMediumPlanning
LarryCustom EDC case with belt clipHighPlanning
GarminHorween #8 Watch Band for Apple WatchLowPlanning
NathanCustom Pad-FolioVery HighPlanning

Project Phases

PlanningIn discussions, payment not received, work not initiated
ScheduledPayment received, work initiated
Preliminary DesignDetermining custom item dimensions, features, and materials
Leather OrderedLeather ordered from supplier
Leather ReceivedLeather received from supplier
Awaiting BuildAwaiting completion of another customer’s project
Build in ProcessWork is actively taking place on the project (CAD design, prototyping, and cut/stitch/finishing)
Quality ReviewFinal inspection, conditioning, and photography
ShippedProduct has been shipped to customer
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