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Custom Office / Security Badge Covers

Hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished custom office badge cases. .

Choose from either black or chestnut sedgwick bridle leather. Pick a your favorite colored thread for the hand stitching. Finish it off with a custom Monogram in a variety of fonts.

Badge covers are hand made by Curt in Houston, TX

Office Badge Cover (OBC-1)

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Badge Cover Description

These Office Badge Covers are hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished in Houston, Tx. They are made in both Black and Chestnut Sedgwick Bridle leather. They are stitched with Ritza Tiger thread.

Dimensions: approximately 4 1/2” tall x 2 3/4” wide x 3/16” thick

Monogramming: available in a variety of fonts.

Sedgwick english bridle leather comes from J & E Sedgwick & Co. Ltd in the UK. Sedgwick was founded in 1900 and have become renown for for past century for exceptional quality, hand finished bridle leather.

This English Bridle is Sedgwick’s top grade and from the butt proving excellent dense fibers. The density of these fibers provides a firm temper which makes for some of the finest premium belts, bags, wallets and small leather goods available today.

A special characteristic of the Sedgwick bridle is its “Bloom”, which is the wax that is impregnated into the leather to give it its signature touch. The bloom overtime works its way to the surface and creates a soft white color. This can be brushed back into the leather or left to provide an appealing aged look.