Custom Trash Bags for Pickups and Cars

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Custom Fitted Trash Bags for Pickups and Cars

Tired of your ratty Trash Bag in your beautiful truck, SUV, or car? Well, I have the fix for you. How about a custom fitted trash bag made in world renowned Horween leather? Horween leather is one of the oldest, best and most well known Tanneries in the United States.

You specify the dimensions of the Trash Bag you’d like to order, and I’ll make it custom for you in my little shop in Houston, TX. It’s easy… you just specify the width, height, and thickness of your trash bag, and boom… I’ll make it.

Even better, you pick the leather that best matches your vehicle.

Check it out! You and your truck/car deserve better!

Luxury Horween Leathers

Instagram Follower’s Special!
Limited Time Only – from $99.99