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The EDC3 Minimalist 3 Pocket Wallet

Pocket Organizer Wallets

Handmade Beer Bottle Sleeves with Personalization

Luxury Dog Collars

Luxury Camera Straps

Notebook and Passport Sleeves

Custom Lighter Covers / Bic Lighters

Custom Journal and Passport Covers

Bracelets, Cuffs, and Wristbands

New EDC3H Minimalist 3 Pocket Wallet

Pocket Organizer Wallets

Custom Bifold Wallets

MiniMax V2 Wallets

MiniMax Wallets

EDC2 – Minimalist 2 Pocket Wallets

Personalized Leather Bracelets & Cuffs

Custom Tool Stands

Custom Minimalist Wallets

Tequila Shot / Shot Glass Bandolier

Home Office & Business Travelers

Point of Sale Holsters / Cases

Personalized Bottle and Cup Sleeves for Yeti and Starbucks

Custom Truck Accessories / Luxury Trash Can

Why Buy from Custom Leather and Pen
    • CL&P offers American made, artisan level quality, custom leather products. All leather goods are hand cut, hand stitched and hand finished. 

    • ⁠Each item made by CL&P is unique. Through a combination of hand made aesthetics and the choice of unique combinations of leathers, thread color, monogram and design features, every CL&P product is one-of-a-kind.
    • ⁠CL&P offers very flexible design parameters. Design what inspires you. Adjust dimensions, choose or invent features, pick leathers and thread colors, and finish it off with a special monogram.
    • Goods can be designed with a wide variety of the finest leathers available in a multitude of colors. Each part of the item can be made in a different color.
    • ⁠Choose your monogram font, location, and initials or name or phrase.
    • ⁠Stronger, more durable, Ritza Tiger brand thread is used for stitching. Ritza Tiger is available in a wide variety of colors to complement any leather.
    • Custom Leather and Pen goods are hand made to last a lifetime.

Welcome to Custom Leather and Pen. I specialize in handmade custom wallets and handbags all designed and created in Houston, TX. My leather products are all hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished. With prices starting at $49, CL&P offers a broad range of customization and personalization options. You can select the style, type of leather, and color that fits you best. Additional options available including monogramming, your choice of stitch color, and changes to the shape and dimensions.

I am an old leather crafter and wood worker from a line of 3 generations of craftsmen. My passion is custom, bespoke leather and wood products. I like to say “if you can imagine it, we can work together to bring it to life.

Please take a moment to explore my wallets, handbags, pens, jewelry boxes, and other custom items. I’d love to hear your comments. If you have a project in mind, please email me using the link above. Thank you!